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  • The Blocknet Protocol

    The Blocknet Protocol

    Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.

  • Josh Keller

    Josh Keller

    Father of two. Musician. Music therapist. Teacher. Aspiring software engineer.

  • MetaCurrency Project

    MetaCurrency Project

    Building the core infrastructure for open sourcing money & currencies and developing projects that embody the values of Deep Wealth Design

  • Sunny Beatteay

    Sunny Beatteay

    Writing articles at web scale | https://linktr.ee/sunlib | Join Medium: https://bit.ly/joinmedium

  • Nicolas Luck

    Nicolas Luck

    Holochain core developer. Former blockchain enthusiast thinking outside the blocks.

  • Eric Harris-Braun

    Eric Harris-Braun

    holo | https://holo.host | holochain | https://holochain.org | meta-currency geek | http://eric.harris-braun.com

  • Holochain Design

    Holochain Design

    Creating an ecosystem of decentralized applications with distributed, user-controlled storage. Cheaper, faster, better than #Blockchain @metacurrency @H_O_L_O_

  • Willem Olding

    Willem Olding

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