In this article, I’ll be giving some instructions as to how to use my checklist for Launch School’s written assessments.

I wanted to have a way to be certain that I wouldn’t forget anything essential while taking a written assessment, so that I could devote as much focus as possible on the questions at hand. After having tested it on myself in several iterations, I think it may be ready for general use. You can make a copy (on Google Docs) and customize / re-design it as you see fit (or just use it as inspiration for your own system)…

I’d like to sketch my personal routine for being in the best shape I can for effective study. I won’t got into practices and perspectives concerned with the process of study itself, but rather into what I find most useful for attaining and maintaining the ability to give my all to intense mental work.

First, let’s talk about the daily rhythm. I am not by nature a morning person. Or at least I don’t feel like it. I just happen to function better mentally before lunch. For this reason, I get up at 4:30 am and finish all important mental…

Bon voyage!

I am currently studying on the Ruby track at Launch School, and I feel I have consolidated my general approach enough to write it down for whomever might benefit. I imagine someone working through the free prep materials (perhaps after LS95 and right before RB100) who would like some advice on how best to go about studying at Launch School.

I hope that this will be worth the time it takes to read it, even if you don’t choose to implement any particular piece of it. Of course, most of the curriculum is ahead of me, so I’m sure I…

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Recently a friend I study with told me that he was sharing some tips that I had offered him on how to use Anki with other classmates of ours on Launch School. For them and whoever else may benefit, here goes.

I am going to assume that we all know what Anki is, and that we have all used it, at least a bit. I will also assume that I am a more advanced user than you are, or that I have a style that you could learn from.

For context, I have used Anki to help me learn Russian…

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I will be sharing some thoughts here as I progress through the Ruby track at Launch School. I have almost completed the first and — from what I gather — longest course in the Core Curriculum. I hope to record my learning for myself and anyone else who would like to know how it’s progressing.

Thanks for reading.

David Ecklund

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