In this article, I’ll be giving some instructions as to how to use my checklist for Launch School’s written assessments.

I wanted to have a way to be certain that I wouldn’t forget anything essential while taking a written assessment, so that I could devote as much focus as possible…

I’d like to sketch my personal routine for being in the best shape I can for effective study. …

Bon voyage!

I am currently studying on the Ruby track at Launch School, and I feel I have consolidated my general approach enough to write it down for whomever might benefit. …

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Recently a friend I study with told me that he was sharing some tips that I had offered him on how to use Anki with other classmates of ours on Launch School. For them and whoever else may benefit, here goes.

I am going to assume that we all know…

Photo by 42 North on Unsplash

I will be sharing some thoughts here as I progress through the Ruby track at Launch School. I have almost completed the first and — from what I gather — longest course in the Core Curriculum. I hope to record my learning for myself and anyone else who would like to know how it’s progressing.

Thanks for reading.

David Ecklund

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